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Listen Up #1 - Answers

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1. Language and Communication
- I don't speak Czech. (Nemluvím česky.)
Source: Language and Communication

2. Getting Directions
D - How far is it? (Jak je to daleko?)
Source: Getting Directions

3. Emergencies
B - I have lost my passport / bag. (Ztratil jsem pas / tašku.)
Source: Emergencies

4. Greetings
A - Good afternoon. (Dobré odpoledne.)
Source: Greetings

5. Transportation
D - Where do I buy tickets? (Kde se kupují jízdenky? - literally: Where are tickets bought?)
Source: Transportation

6. Any Category
C - What is the exchange rate? (Jaký je směnný kurz?)
Source: At the Bank

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