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Listen Up #3

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Click on the underlined category title to hear a phrase from that category. Then choose the correct translation of what you just heard from the four choices below.

1. Language and Communication
A. I don't speak English.
B. Please speak more slowly.
C. Please write it down.
D. I don't understand.

2. Greetings
A. Good afternoon.
B. Good evening.
C. Good night.
D. Good morning.

3. Transportation
A. Your ticket please.
B. I'd like a receipt.
C. I'd like a seat reservation.
D. Please stop here.

4. Getting Directions
A. Turn right / left.
B. It'll be on your right / left.
C. Walk to the right / left.
D. Walk straight ahead / back.

5. Emergencies
A. Don't move.
B. I'm not feeling well.
C. Call an ambulance!
D. I have been robbed.

6. Any Category
A. It was nice meeting you.
B. Excuse me please.
C. I'm fine, thank you.
D. You're welcome.

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