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We recommend:

International Czech Meetup Day - a site that organizes local gatherings of people who are familiar with or want to learn the Czech language; every 4th Tuesday of the month in many cities worldwide
Pravidla.cz - the Czech orthographic "bible" online; rules for writing i/y, ě, s/z, consonant groups, words adopted from other languages, and much, much more
Slovnik.cz - a great online dictionary for Czech & English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and other languages
The Little Czech Primer - a fun site that teaches basic Czech words through a flashcard-style interface; don't miss Owen's monthly observations and tidbits regarding the Czech language and news
Wordbook.cz - a great online Czech-English, English-Czech dictionary

Other Czech language resources:

Česká čítanka - e-texts of classical Czech literature
Czech Language Training Around since 2001, this private language studio offers Czech courses for foreigners
Czech lessons for Russian speakers
ECTACO English-Czech-English Electronic Dictionary - more than 475,000 words, terms, phrases and idioms
Language Door - small interactive Czech classes in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, California, from beginning to advanced levels

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