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Listen Up #4

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Click on the underlined category title to hear a phrase from that category. Then choose the correct translation of what you just heard from the four choices below.

1. Places to Stay
A. I would like a room with a bathroom.
B. I would like a single room.
C. I would like a double room.
D. I would like a room for one night.

2. At the Bank
A. I need to find a cash machine.
B. I need to exchange money.
C. I need to exchange traveller's checks.
D. I need to find a bank.

3. Sightseeing
A. Municipal House
B. National Theater
C. Petřín Tower
D. Powder Tower

4. Transportation
A. Where is the train station?
B. Where is the subway station?
C. Where is the bus station?
D. Where is the tram stop?

5. Eating Out
A. Fried mushrooms
B. Fried cheese
C. Roasted chicken
D. Roasted duck

6. Any Category
A. Fifty
B. Five o'clock
C. Five times
D. Fifteen

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