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Click on any of the linked Czech words or phrases to play them in your audio player. The audio is available in Real Audio. You can download RealPlayer for free from real.com. Some sounds are also available in a .wav format.
Hello! ("Good day!")

Dobrý den! (.wav)
The most common formal greeting used from morning until late afternoon, equivalent of the English "Good morning" and "Good afternoon".

Hi! Ahoj! / Čau! / Nazdar! (.wav)
"Ahoj" is the most common informal greeting used between friends. "Čau" is more informal than "Ahoj". "Nazdar" is a less common informal greeting.
Good morning!

Dobré ráno! (.wav)
This greeting is less common than "Dobrý den", which is often used as a general daytime greeting.

Good afternoon!

Dobré odpoledne! (.wav)
Rather uncommon afternoon greeting ("Dobrý den" is always a safe daytime choice).

Good evening!

Dobrý večer! (.wav)

Good night!

Dobrou noc! (.wav)

Good bye!

Na shledanou! (.wav)
Formal greeting used when parting

Bye! / See you! / Take care! Ahoj! / Čau! / Měj se! (.wav)
Informal counterpart of "Na shledanou", used only between friends
How are you? Jak se máš? (informal) / Jak se máte? (formal)
Have a nice day! Hezký den!


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