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Fun Czech Phrases

Click on the "Play" Flash button to hear the Czech phrase pronounced. If you do not see the button, download the Flash Player. Please note: The first time you play a phrase, it might be necessary to click on the play button twice.

 Z technických důvodů zavřeno.
Closed due to technical reasons.

 Volané číslo neexistuje
The number you are calling does not exist.

 Ukončete výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají!
Stop getting off or getting on, the doors are closing!
(Prague subway announcement)

 Příští zastávka: Náměstí Republiky
Next stop: Náměstí Republiky

 Máte přání?
May I help you?

 Dám si jedno pivo prosím.
I'll have a beer please.

 Kolik to stojí?
How much does it cost?

We're ready to pay. (asking for the bill at a restaurant)

 Je tu obsazeno?
Is this seat taken?

 Smím prosit?
Would you like to dance?


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