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Czech Long Vowels


Czech long vowels differ from short vowels in length and are marked with a short slanting line above them (or circle above the long "u").

"" and ""
The pronunciation of "" and "" is identical. The differences between the two sounds are grammatical and do not affect pronunciation.

"" and ""
The pronunciation of "" and "" is identical. The only difference between "" and "" is their position in the word; "" is only used at the beginning of a word, while "" is used inside or at the end of a word (the reason why "" is used in the word "trojhelnk" is because the word is composed of two separate words: "troj-" and "helnk").

Click on any Czech word to hear it pronounced. The size of the sound files ranges between 19KB to 38KB to ensure good audio quality. It may take a few seconds to download each file.

, , ,
j - I mlko - milk snh - snow
mma - mom polvka - soup krlk - rabbit
mslo - butter lto - summer bl - white
, , - /
sr - cheese gl - goal l - beehive
mval - raccoon pelargnie - geranium trojhelnk - triangle
velk - big, large baln - balloon stl - table, desk

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